All my cookies are handmade by me. I always use simple ingredients, that people can pronounce.

Inside the cookies goes butter, sugar, flour and eggs. No preservatives and no mass production cookies here. They are made in a clean environment, with the freshest ingredients and then I seal them in the bag, so they stay fresh till your event.

That is also the reason I need 3 - 4 weeks notice for an order. Because everything is baked for you only and needs to be fresh.

Prices - Designs - Flavors

Cookie prices vary between $25 for a dozen of mini basic cookies to $90 and up for a dozen of big elaborate cookies.

For the time being people ask for vanilla cookies, but if you want another flavor, please let me know.

The designs are endless. It might be something that we thought of, a character your child loves or something you saw on Instagram. Either way send me a message and I would be more than happy to discuss it with you.